Invisible Mirrors

Every day invisible mirrors hang around our necks for the world to see.  Everyone sees the same image but not everyone sees the image the same.  A man can put on a finely pressed suit coat, straighten his tie and slick back his hair.  To the outside world, the man looks intelligent, poised for his … Continue reading Invisible Mirrors

Boomerang Kid

©Kelli Sem All the moms stood around teary-eyed on graduation day, Talking about how they did not want their kids to go away. I just nodded my head in agreement and whispered, “I know.” I mean what mother would want their youngest daughter to go? So I will not confess the truth because I do … Continue reading Boomerang Kid

A Single Cup

©Kelli Sem 2-14-17 I first saw you in a small coffee shop with your tangle of dark curls framing pale skin Your head erect and step confident, but youth still shining through your girlish grin Staring with wide eyed wonder at the raspberry torts and glazed donuts in the glass With an innocence everyone else … Continue reading A Single Cup